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Joining classroom courses and embracing face-to-face interactions after the long hiatus imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic offers a profoundly enriching experience that transcends the virtual realm. The allure lies in the profound human connection that classroom settings provide, fostering a vibrant learning environment where ideas flow freely, and collaboration takes center stage.

In these physical spaces, students not only absorb knowledge from instructors but also engage in spontaneous discussions, share diverse perspectives, and build lasting relationships. The power of in-person learning lies in the subtle cues of body language, the immediate feedback from mentors, and the palpable energy of a room full of curious minds. It rekindles the passion for learning, renews the sense of belonging to a community of learners, and nurtures essential life skills such as communication, teamwork, and adaptability.

After the pandemic, classroom courses beckon as a beacon of intellectual and emotional rejuvenation, promising a more profound, holistic, and personally rewarding educational journey.

Manchester, UK

ICP-CAT – October 9th, 10th (Monday & Tuesday)

ICP-ENT – October 11th, 12th (Wednesday & Thursday)

ICP-LPM – October 14th, 15th (Saturday & Sunday)

Timings: 9 am – 5 pm UK

Dallas, Texas

ICP-ACC – October 23rd, 24th (Monday & Tuesday)

ICP-CAT – October 26th, 27th (Thursday & Friday)

ICP-ENT – October 28th, 29th (Saturday & Sunday)

Timings: 9 am – 6 pm CST

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Why train with Agile Visa?

We are the largest, most trusted and most respected accredited training provider globally.
Are these enough reasons for you to join with us for ICAgile training & certification courses.

Global participants, Diverse experience & thoughts. We make you practice the learnings during the class

Interactive, engaging & thought provoking conversations. Hands on learnings & not just theories, we do our best to answer every question raised

Training from back of the room (TBR) techniques (adult brain based learning techniques) used for training delivery

Soft copies of materials provided for further reference along with additional content. Access to eLearning portal with additional learning materials to refer in your available time

We hold you accountable for your journey & growth. Connecting beyond the class & supporting as much as we can in our capacity

You not just learn from trainers, but also from other participants. We create the space for everyone to learn & grow

Our recurring student gets 10% discount as our ALUMNI for all future classes they join with us

Join us for online courses at comfort of your home/office!

All course fees shown are in USD, for any other currency please email us and we will arrange your registration via invoice.

Student Testimonials

Way of conducting the topics were really interesting.

Nivarti also had mastered his area which helped us to get attuned with his thoughts through the examples demonstrated.

I am an authorized ICAgile instructor myself, and I have high standards for instructors. I must say your wisdom and experience brought such depth and breadth to the material. Ashish you are awesome!

Prashant is very knowledgeable and delivered course with outstanding passion. It was easy for us to relate topics with real life. I would like to attend more courses from him.

Dominic conducted the training very effectively and delivered it keeping all of our questions in mind. He comes from a practitioner angle and have lots of stories to share under various coaching scenarios.

The Case study done was the best part it actually helped in understanding how the process will be.

Thank you Rachel for simplifying topics for us. 

Richard comes with a vast leadership experience. Keep offering online training post virus-isolation – it’s a great opportunity to bring people together from around the world!! I guess course content is perfect and apt to meet the learning objective.




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