We’ve come a long way since the word ‘Agile Transformation’ first gained prominence. Ever since, we’ve witnessed more and more businesses gravitate towards this model. According to the 15th State of Agile Report, it was found that 94% of the respondents interviewed for the study claimed that their company was using Agile.

We are witnessing a widespread adoption of Agile methodologies today by organizations across the globe.

In light of these trends, we want to understand why Agile Coaching is deemed so imperative today and what its impact has been in transforming leadership and managerial roles.

But first! Let’s look at why Agile is so important today.

Reasons Why Agile is Important

Listed below are a few good reasons that testify to Agile’s importance in recent times.

  • Agile entails a progressive mindset wherein workers learn and improve on their flaws.
  • Agile does away with rigid hierarchies, thus creating a transparent work environment where each employee is committed to accomplishing a single goal.
  • Agile keeps the customers in the loop. Their feedback from time to time is used during the software’s development lifecycle to make product improvements.
  • It can save organizations tons of money by bringing a top-quality product to the market on time.

It is important to note that all of these benefits are only possible if Agile is implemented properly. That is only possible with the right Agile leadership in charge. This is perhaps why we’ve seen a sharp increase in companies adopting Agile methods recently… a number that has skyrocketed from 37% in 2020 to 86% in 2021.

Agile Coaching Success Stories

Businesses around the world today are no longer oblivious to the positive impact Agile can have on both their revenue streams and work environment. This is perhaps why more and more companies and individuals in leadership positions today are investing in Agile coaching.

To get a gist of what a success Agile coaching has been, let’s reflect on some key data presented by the 15th State of Agile Report.

The survey found that:

  • 64% of respondents claimed to have improved their ability to manage or prioritize change
  • 47% of respondents claimed a boost in their team’s productivity
  • 47% of respondents reported an improvement in business and IT alignment
  • 42% reported an improvement in software quality
  • 39% reported reduced project risk
  • 23% reported reduced project cost

How Agile Transformation Benefits Organizations

If there was ever any doubt over Agile’s ability to provide results, the above report squashes them. It is now empirically evident that the right Agile coaching techniques can in fact help with the following:

  • Help break organization silos for improved communication
  • Change management mindset
  • Boost delivery speed and product quality
  • Improve customer satisfaction, productivity, and business development
  • Promote self-team management

This is only possible if the company or leader trains in Agile coaching best practices. This is where an accredited training provider like AgileVisa can come to your aid. We offer ICAgile training and certification courses spearheaded by highly experienced professionals.

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