Difference between ICP-ATF & ICP-ACC Certifications

ICP-ATF (Agile Team Facilitation) and ICP-ACC (Agile Certified Coach) are two different certifications offered by ICAgile, each with its own focus and learning outcomes.

Here are some of the key differences between ICP-ATF and ICP-ACC:

Focus: ICP-ATF focuses on facilitating effective agile team interactions and dynamics, while ICP-ACC focuses on coaching and mentoring individuals and teams to improve their agile practices.

Audience: ICP-ATF is designed for Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and Facilitators who want to enhance their skills in leading and facilitating agile team interactions. ICP-ACC, on the other hand, is designed for experienced agile practitioners who want to advance their skills in coaching and mentoring individuals and teams.

Learning outcomes: ICP-ATF provides learners with the skills and techniques needed to facilitate effective agile team meetings, including sprint planning, retrospectives, and daily standups. ICP-ACC provides learners with the skills needed to coach and mentor individuals and teams in agile practices, including agile frameworks, team dynamics, and leadership.

Certification level: Both ICP-ATF & ICP-ACC are part of agile team coaching learning track. ICP-ATF provides learners with a foundational understanding of team facilitation. ICP-ACC help you learn skills in agile coaching, teaching and mentoring along with team dynamics enabling high performing teams.

In summary, while both ICP-ATF and ICP-ACC are related to agile team coaching track, they have different focuses, learning outcomes, and certification levels. It is important to carefully evaluate your own goals and needs to determine which certification is right for you.

From our past many years of services to global students, we have observed people start with ICP-ATF as a first step and then go for ICP-ACC. If your budget allows, people attend our dual certification bootcamp that offers both ICP-ATF + ICP-ACC at a special discounted price, please check here.

If you are not sure which one is right for you, please reach our experts on WhatsApp and we are happy to explore in partnership with you.


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